Corporate Solution


CCTV (Corporate Culture Transformation by VIRTUES™) is a program to develop and maximize the Human Capital in the organization and aligning the organization’s Visions and Missions to become the Culture of every individual in the Company, leading to an effective organization, to an increase in product sales and customer satisfaction

Leadership Development

We help to build your leader’s capability to achieve short-term and long-term organizational goals. Our counselor will guide your leaders with personalized coaching program, trainings, goal setting that will lead them to become leaders who will lead by example with inspirational leadership style.

People Management

Choose the right people, put them in the right place according to their strength, talents, and passion. Let us to help you for identify and set a strategic planning by doing an organizational diagnosis and creating a Strategic People Management that will increase the Human Capital Performance leading to an effective Organization.

Candidate Assessment

With Virtues Profiling We Will Help You To Achieve Recruiting Efficiency And Effectiveness

Our instant assessment result is presented through a user-friendly interface that you can easily access to identify the best suited candidate for the role in your company.

Using assessment data to measure candidates’ ability, personality and behavior against role requirements, ensures accurate hiring decisions are made.

Training & Workshop

We provide training and workshops in accordance with the VIRTUES™ modules developed professionally by our team. The training and workshops are packed attractively and comprehensively making it easy to apply in the workplace.

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